Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can you revive a fern plant that got frost bitten?

Its not dead just turned dark green

Can you revive a fern plant that got frost bitten?
About saving your fern. Depends on how much damage has been done. The brown will not turn green again. It is dead. If the roots are still healthy, they may sprout new growth.
Reply:Wait a week or so to see what the fronds do. If the fern's leaves turn brown or green-crisp, then trim them back to the healthy ends.

Give it a little water, but not much, then keep it in a sunny warm place for the plant to recover.
Reply:put in the garage for winter-it will come back in the spring

season is over
Reply:OK are you ready for this one lol.A person I use to know years back had the nicest plants ever and this is how it all started.

He found a wilted plant and thought what the hang he took his roommates birth control pills and mixed it up in water and fed it to the plant.He has never had any problems and he has the greatest plant and flowers around.

At first tho his Doctor thought he had flipped asking for birth controls till he explain the situation to his Doc lol now his doc has great plants growing supposedly.
Reply:Place the plant in a protected space and wait until; spring to trim the frost bitten fronds. When the weather warms, trim the frost bitten fronds and healthy new growth will apear.
Reply:Just let it die off then in the spring cut back all the dead leaves, you should see the new growth beneath.

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